ARCH magazine in mailboxes today

ARCH magazine in mailboxes today

The new ARCH magazine, created and designed by Rockhill Design, debuts this week in a mailbox near you.

ARCH magazine will be a three-times-a-year periodical produced for its membership to promote its activities and events and, as its mission says:

“Advocate for the protection and preservation of historically significant buildings, structures, landscapes, and cultural heritages in Allen County and northeast Indiana.”

If you wish to become a member of ARCH and join with them to help protect and preserve local history, visit

Rockhill’s first Advertising Federation award!

Rockhill’s first Advertising Federation award!

What an honor! Thanks to the American Advertising Federation of Fort Wayne for recognizing the Fix It! Grammar books with a Silver Advertising Honor in the Collateral Material — Publication Design category at this year’s awards banquet. The Fix It! Grammar books were a joy to design, and seeing them receive recognition is a fitting capstone to the months of work author Pamela White and project manager Jill Pike poured into the 12-book set of textbooks.

Making boring documents a little less boring

Making boring documents a little less boring

It’s a small thing, perhaps, so this will be a small blog post.

But it’s a definite joy to take a dull but necessary document and make it a little less dull and a lot more useful and easier to scan and read.

Thanks to the Institute for Excellence in Writing for entrusting Rockhill Design with the redesign of these Classroom Supplements!

‘Fix It!’ curriculum wins blue ribbon

‘Fix It!’ curriculum wins blue ribbon

A set of textbooks designed by a Fort Wayne company was voted Favorite Grammar Curriculum for 2014 by The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.

“Fix It! Grammar” was published in August 2014 by the Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW) and designed by Rockhill Design LLC of Fort Wayne. The author, Pamela White, has an M.A. in English and A.B.D from Vanderbilt University. The project manager was Jill Pike of Huntington, Ind.

This third edition of “Fix It!” textbooks was a three-year project for IEW.

The six levels of Teacher’s Manuals come with access to an e-book of student pages that are downloaded and given to the student a little bit at a time. Using this approach, the student gently and systematically learns grammar while hunting for embedded errors. What makes the program unique is that, as the weeks go by, they are following along with an engaging story.

The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew focuses on products for homeschools and reviewed products from a total of 58 companies in 2014. It handing out 27 Blue Ribbons to 23 companies.

As The Review Crew said:

“The reputation of the quality products that IEW provides students is unwavering. …

“The idea behind Fix it! Grammar is that in just a short lesson each day (approximately only 15 minutes) your student will hunt for and correct errors in a daily passage that, over time, tells a story. The student learns to apply new grammar rules to the passages. Over time, this will seamlessly transfer into the student’s own writing.

“Fix It! Grammar is a six-book series, each providing a full year of grammar instruction and practice with editing skills. Each book has 33 weeks of daily passages, introducing over 100 new vocabulary words, embedding repetition to ensure mastery of the grammar rules and providing editing skill practice to help the student become a better writer overall.”

Read about this year’s blue ribbon winners at

Each teacher’s edition is $19 and includes a downloadable student book that can be printed out. Or, each student book can be purchased separately for $15. Read more at

Rockhill Design opposes city’s effort to send web site business out-of-state

Rockhill Design opposes city’s effort to send web site business out-of-state

CONTACT Jon Swerens at (260) 440-0541 or

Rockhill Design announces its opposition to the City of Fort Wayne’s initiative that encourages local businesses to use an out-of-state company for web-site services.

“It’s frustrating to consider that my tax dollars are being used to encourage local businesses to contract with Google rather than a local company,” said Rockhill Design’s owner and chief creative officer Jon Swerens.

According to a city press release dated May 1, 2014: “Mayor Tom Henry, in partnership with Google, the Northeast ISBDC and Greater Fort Wayne Inc., today announced a yearlong initiative to get Fort Wayne’s businesses online through Google’s Get Your Business Online program.”

Google is an American multinational corporation based in Mountain View, Calif.

“If local companies decide to use a big business like Google for their web site needs, I honestly wish them well,” Swerens said. “And I certainly have no issues with a local firm choosing one of my local competitors. Fort Wayne has dozens of fantastic tech businesses that are well worth the investment.”

“But when our city leaders say, ‘Many small businesses have a misconception that getting online is complex, costly and time-consuming,’ and then recommends a California company for correcting that misconception, it’s very discouraging to the local web industry.”

Rockhill Design is a Fort Wayne-based marketing firm specializing in marketing coaching, print design, and web creation. The firm was founded by longtime Fort Wayne resident Jon Swerens in 2013.

Read the City of Fort Wayne’s press release here.