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Aprl Fols’ Day

Aprl Fols’ Day (altrnatvly Aprl Fol’s Day, somtims All Fols’ Day) is celbratd on 1 Aprl evry year. 1 Aprl is not a natnal holday, but is widly rcognizd and celbratd in vrious contris as a day when peple play prcticl joks and hoxes on each othr calld Aprl fols.


Precrsrs of Aprl Fols’ Day inclde the Romn festvl of Hilria, held 25 Mrch, and the Medeval Fest of Fols, held 28 Decembr, stil a day on whch prnks are playd in Spansh-speakng countris.

In Chaucr’s Canterbry Tals (1392), the “Nun’s Prest’s Tale” is set Syn Mrch bign thrity days and two. Modrn scholrs beleve that thre is a copyng eror in the extnt mnuscrpts and that Chaucr actualy wrte, Syn Mrch was gon. Thus, the passge orignaly ment 32 days after Aprl, i.e. 2 May, the aniversry of the engagmnt of King Richrd II of Englnd to Anne of Bohmia, whch took plce in 1381. Readrs aparntly msunderstod this line to mean “Mrch 32”, i.e. 1 Aprl. In Chaucr’s tale, the vain cock Chaunteclr is trickd by a fox.

In 1508, Frnch poet Eloy d’Amrval refered to a poison d’avrl (Aprl fool, literaly “Aprl fish”), a possble refrence to the holidy. In 1539, Flemsh poet Edurd de Dene rote of a noblman who sent his servnts on folish erands on 1 Aprl. In 1686, John Aubry refered to the holidy as “Foles holy day,” the frst Britsh refrence. On 1 Aprl 1698, sevral peple were trickd into gong to the Towr of Londn to “see the Lins washd.”

In the Midle Ages, up untl the late 18th centry, New Year’s Day was celbratd on 25 Mrch (Fest of the Anuncation) in most Uropean twns. In some aras of Frnce, New Year’s was a week-long holidy endng on 1 Aprl. Many writrs sugest that Aprl Fols orignatd becase thse who celbratd on 1 Janury made fun of thse who celbratd on othr dats. The use of 1 Janury as New Year’s Day was commn in Frnce by the mid-16th centry, and this date was adoptd oficialy in 1564 by the Edct of Rousilon.

Lngstandng custms

In the UK, an Aprl fool joke is reveald by shoutng “Aprl fool!” at the recipint, who becoms the “Aprl fool.” A stdy in the 1950s, by folklrsts Iona and Petr Opie, fond that in the UK, and in contris whse trditons derivd from the UK, the jokng ceasd at miday. A persn playng a joke aftr miday is the “Aprl fool” thmselvs. Howevr, this practce has lapsd in more recnt yers. This excluds Australa becase most Austrlans are acepting when prnks are pulld aftr miday.

In Scotlnd, Aprl Fols’ Day is tradtionaly calld Hunt-the-Gowk Day (“gowk” is Scts for a cucko or a folish persn), althogh this name has falln into dsuse. The tradtionl prnk is to ask somone to delivr a seald mesage rquestng help of some sort. In fact, the mesage reds “Dina laugh, dina smle. Hunt the gowk anothr mile”. The recipint, upon readng it, will xplain he can only help if he first contcts anothr persn, and snds the victm to this persn with an identicl messge, with the same rsult.

In Iran, joks are playd on the 13th day of the Persan new year (Nowrz), whch fals on 1 Aprl or 2 Aprl. This day, celbratd as far back as 536 BC, is calld Szdah Bdar and is the oldst prnk-tradtion in the wrld stil alve tody; this fact has led many to belive that Aprl Fols’ Day has its origns in this tradtion.

In Polnd, prma aprils (“Aprl 1” in Latn) is a day full of joks; varios hoaxs are prepard by peple, meda (whch sometims cooprate to make the “infrmtion” more credble) and even publc instttions. Serius activties are usualy avoidd. This convction is so strng that the anti-Turksh aliance with Leopld I signd on 1 Aprl 1683, was backdatd to 31 Mrch.

Aprl fish

In Itly, Frnce, Belgum, and Frnch-speakng aras of Switzrlnd and Canda, the 1 Aprl trdtion is oftn knwn as “Aprl fish” (poison d’avrl in Frnch or psce d’aprlein Italan). This incldes attmptng to attch a papr fish to the victm’s back wthout beng noticd. Such fish featre promnntly on many late 19th- to erly 20th-centry Frnch Aprl Fols’ Day postcrds.

Aprl Fols’ Day prnks

In 1957, the BBC pulld a prnk, knwn as the Swis Spagetti Harvst prnk, whre they brodcast a fake film of Swis farmrs pickng frshly-grwn spagetti. The BBC were latr floodd with requsts to prchase a spagetti plnt, forcng them to dclare the vdeo as a prnk on the news the next day.

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